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Visit to the I-MAXIMUM production plant

One of the sponsors of the Gas Fuel Forum 2024 - I-MAXIMUM sp. z o.o. - cordially invites you to an accompanying event organized by it: a study visit to the company's plant on April 26, 2024.

The organizer of the accompanying event is I-MAXIMUM Ltd.
If you are interested in participating, please contact the company by e-mail or by the phone +48 500 709 200.

I-MAXIMUM Ltd. offers comprehensive design and technical services, including turnkey LPG and SNG gas installations. The company specializes in the selection of industrial evaporators and gas mixing systems - SNG blenders (LPG and air; biomethane and LPG; natural gas and LPG). The company also provides support services during system use, offering advice on the selection of devices and providing optimized solutions.

It is the exclusive representative in the EU of the Korean company Korea Gas Engineering. I-MAXIMUM clients include companies including: in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. The company also offers support during the use of devices and advises on the selection of devices and solutions.

The company's production plant is located in Parzniew near Podkowa Leśna. After the end of the Gas Fuels Forum, on Friday, April 26, I-MAXIMUM cordially invites you to visit and meet the company's representatives. This will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with I-MAXIMUM products and its wide offer. I-MAXIMUM provides transport to and from the plant and comprehensively organizes the day with industry aspects and more.

The following products will be presented during the event:

  1. Unique LPG evaporator of the KBV-1500 series. Its unique feature is energy independence and security. A built-in gas burner with a closed combustion chamber replaces the need to install additional boilers to supply hot coolant, which is implemented in typical LPG evaporators with hot water circulation.
  2. Modular container-type LPG evaporation installation with a hot water circulation evaporator, KWV-500 series. A characteristic feature of this installation is the use of boilers for external use, which guarantees the operation of the installation at ambient temperatures reaching -25°C.
  3. Installation of an LPG and air mixer (SNG Blender) of the MGA-3000 series, produced by I-Maximum. Ten years of experience of I-Maximum specialists in the field of synthetic natural gas (SNG) projects have led to the creation of a unique SNG (Propane-Air) mixer, unrivaled on the global market in terms of quality and precision of gas mixing.

Information Market is not responsible for the organization and course of this event.

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